Plague or Cottage Industry Part 1 Feeding the homless.

This will revolve around the city of Columbia, SC and their treatment of the homeless in general.  This includes feeding and sheltering those that are homeless as well as the views of the general public and those of a select few that push their political agenda onto the city counsel as well as the mayor and police department.  This will be a multiple part issue.

Let’s start with the feeding of the homeless.   This is done by many people and/or organizations.  Most of the groups are churches.  Only three main feeding places in town feed everyday of the week and of those only two feed 7 days a week.  Yes, I’m going to name names here as well as make my opinions known no matter what the cost.

The three main places are Oliver Gospel Mission, Transitions (run by the Salvation Army of South Carolina formerly using Eboneezer church), and the Soup Cellar.  What these people feed and how they are funded is rather odd.  A great deal of their funding comes from the United Way who was given several million dollars by the federal government before President Bush retired.  Of course the United Way gets their percentage cut of those funds claiming administrative fees.  However, this is further cut once in the hands of the sources I’ve already mentioned.  Two of the organizations (Salvation Army of South Carolina and Oliver Gospel Mission) are corrupt as hell.  Each charges a great deal of administrative costs and when all is said and done, the homeless in Columbia are fed stuff people don’t want, out dated food, or other people’s table scraps.

The average homeless person gets the proper number of calories/day (just barely 2K calories if that) but it’s all in fat or sugar.  Yes, I’ve eaten worse.  I’ve been served stuff I wouldn’t feed the pigs and cows that I worked with on farms  when I was a youth.  Yes, even third world kids you see advertised on the television get better food according to the advertisements via your dollars.  I’d wager they didn’t get any better.  It’s just shown that way for publicity and to garner further donations.  Yes, you’re well intentioned dollars hard at work feeding the needy!  Yeah right!

Between the United Way and all the other organizations, the homeless see less than 10% of all donated money or food stuff  in their bellies.  The exact same thing that happens to those poor starving children in Africa happens right here in your own back yard.  Wake up American.  These sorts of things are scams for people to dig into your pockets for money they don’t rightfully deserve.  They are worse than churches and I’ll even be writing on those at a later date.

Look hard at where you’re donations are going before giving to any charitable organizations.  Ask how much they pull out of contributions for so called “Adminstrative fees.”  I’d bet less than 80% of any charitable donations goes to where they belong in any organization, whether or not its for the homeless or for say Muscular Dystrophy.


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