Busy bodies (The real 1%)

I was recently reminded just why I refuse to be associated with any “social network.”  Not only that, I was reminded of this on a media I least suspected I’d find it but I’ll address that media another time.”  As the topic states, this is about “busy bodies.”  We all know these people.  They are the ones who for some reason or other try to push, shove, or invoke (whatever word you want to use) their ideas and beliefs on others thinking they have the gift to determine what is right or wrong with others and their respective choices in life.  This includes governments, churches, and even certain of those not involved with either of the aforementioned.

A friend of mine after I told him about my little bout with a certain individual put it this way, “you have 6 months where you try to get your life in order, then you spend 7 months trying to get into others lives and run them.”  Interesting thought occurs.  There are not 13 months in a year.  This also tells me that those “busy bodies” are not getting their own lives in order.  They are much too worried about how they can get others lives in order.  Yes, they spend too much time worrying about others to even think to take a deeper look at themselves.

Another friend of mine put it succinctly, he said use the person’s own words against them.  In this case use the religious zealots own words against them.  “Judge not least you be judged.”  This may not be an exact quote of the bible but I do recall where it’s roots lie.  It represents the time that Jesus came upon the lady to be stoned for adultery.  The would be participants in the stoning walked away after being reminded not to judge others for a sins you yourself may have committed.  Believe me when I say I’ve seen it.  This is exactly what happened to several Catholic clergy members around the world.  It probably still goes on today.  It’s just not out in the limelight as it use to be.

Now you’re going to say I’m an atheist.  Actually I’m not.  I’m agnostic.  A true atheist wouldn’t believe in himself/herself.  Think about that.  I’m not against those that have beliefs in the bible or God.  Just don’t throw it in another person’s face if you don’t live those belief’s.  It reminds me of people like Rush Limbaugh (reputed reformed narcotics addict).  Look what happen to him.  His own mouth become his biggest downfall.  Was he on drugs at the time?  Who really knows.  I don’t care because it’s none of my business.  However there are others out there who made it their own personal agenda (business).

As the government end of this, it reminds me of various laws.  Most of them dealing with what is known as “vice” laws.  For those of you who read this I’ll define what I mean here.  Vice as of Dictionary.com’s meaning is:


immoral conduct; depraved or degrading behavior: a life of vice. Synonyms: depravity, sin, iniquity, wickedness, corruption. Antonyms: virtue, morality.
I choose this meaning because it’s just how government uses the term.  Vice laws in this country deal with two specific things for the most part.  They are drugs and prostitution.  This is another form of government putting their nose into other people’s business via being paid off by various pharmaceutical companies to keep various drugs from becoming “over the counter.” (i.e. legal).  If it were their choice they’d have all drugs as controlled substances.  More on this later.  Prostitution is the church via the government sticking their head into your bedroom.
Most of these things I speak of happen every day in the U.S.A. and other countries.  More so in other countries who have a lower educational standards than my own.  Again, more on education later.  These people who hold power.  One scene in a not so recent movie reminds me of the powers of government and religion.  “Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility. ”  These “busy bodies”, don’t even want the responsibility of their own lives let alone those they tell what to do.  Another quote that is dear to my heart that holds true here “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
These “busy bodies” who don’t even want  responsibility for their own lives want power like all other power mongers.  They think if they can run your lives their lives will be better somehow.  Well if they get in power and in many cases this even includes you and I.  The last sentence of the last paragraph holds true.  The more power you have to wield the more corrupt you will become for power sake.  I’ll make a separate post on greed, power, and corruption.  The “busy body” that initiated this posting if she reads it will know who she is.
My last words to those seeking power via the church, the government or any other organization are simple.  Before you speak in private or in public, “GET YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER” before you start condemning others.  This means if you preach the bible practice what you preach.  If you have an opinion and everybody does “Everyone has an opinion and opinions are like assholes, every one has one and they all stink.”  The last quote was said to me by my Navy boot camp company commander.
Personally, I try not to tell others what to do.  I tell them, here is what I “recommend” whether or not you choose to follow my recommendation is your own decision.  I don’t label people.  There are good and bad everywhere.  Though my zodiac says I’d be a great leader, at what costs.  It’s against my upbringing to tell others how to live their lives.  All I can do is tell others what I’ve experienced or “recommend” a decision.  I feel I was put on this Earth to listen to others.  Offer a shoulder to cry on if necessary.  I’m not here to judge others for what they have done past or present.  Yet here I sit judgement for what another person has done to me.  I’d like to say I have the moral high ground here but here’s a good question for you all.  WHO DECIDES ON WHAT IS MORAL OR NOT?  You, me, another.  See my point?

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