The Pursuit of Happyness!

This is the title to one of my favorite movies.  It gives people like me hope however little it may be.  This isn’t a false story that Wil Smith portrayed a part in.  This story is very real.  Wil’s character does exist and went through a lot that I’ve gone through.

Alas there isn’t a program for Information Technologists like myself similar to the stock brokerage firm where Wil’s character interned at.  If there was such a program, I’d have gone into it myself.  Sadly, companies like Microsoft and other high tech companies who scream bloody murder at our federal government for more and more H-1b visas don’t push these programs to get the workers they need.

Yes, Microsoft has something very similar set up but they seem to want only the younger set of people to train thinking the older people are not open enough to change.  BAH!  Seems to me that Microsoft and other companies aren’t taking into affect that a lot of older people want to work and are willing to learn new things in order to stay active in society whether it be in the Information Technology field or not.

The saddest thing is that corporations are sitting on hundreds of million if not billions of dollars supposedly set aside for training people.  Take one look at the average age of the homeless man on the street.  Sadly it’s decreasing.  When I was first homeless the average age was around 50.  That average age has gone down  to around 35 in less than 15 years.  Why aren’t corporations spending on retraining these people who want to work instead of farming jobs overseas or importing labor where American dollars are sent overseas?  I’ll tell you why.  Greed pure and simple.

Don’t get me wrong.  I”m all for corporations making money as is their rights.  But at what expense?  Alienation of your employee’s?  Lost employee’s (think layoffs here)?  What is currently happening in the United States right now will happen to countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand and even the Philippines as the workers become more knowledgeable and want more for the efforts they put out.  Case in point is Foxcon in southeast Asia.  They’ve had workers commit suicide even after raising wages 3 times inside two years.

Myself, I only want a little bit of the pie that WAS the American dream.  I don’t want any automobile or home (what does a title show?)  We don’t really own a thing.  we just rent it.  I’m a man of little needs.  If I have a laptop computer, a bicycle to get around on, a place to call a home (rent or otherwise),food to subsist on as well as female companionship I’m fine.  I’m not the materialistic person I once was.  Being materialistic is not the dream or the way anyone is suppose to be.  It’s something the advertising executives want you to believe in.  It’s also why EVERYONE in the United States owes approximately $40,000 to pay for the deficit that our federal government has spent us into.

As I grow older (don’t we all) I see my dream of ever being in a position where I can have even a little bit of what I want slipping away due to the greed and petty jealousy of others.  Even on the streets there is petty jealousy not to mention greed.  I had a set of panniers worth $200 cut up because of greed and jealousy.  Hell the things weren’t even paid for yet.

I leave this with just one question, why does this world have to people who have and people who have not?  Can’t we all just get along well together and share what this world provides?  Why is it that less than one percent of the world’s population want everything and not willing to work for just a share of what the world has to offer?  To those of the less than one percent of the world’s population, “When people stop believing in money, then money is truly worthless!”


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