Republican Convention! (Same thing different day)

I just finished reading some of the highlights of the Republican convention this morning.  Other than the usual mud slinging which seems to go with every recent political election from the President on down, facts were twisted and candidates never fully support their party’s policies fully.

From what all I’ve read so far, there was more twisted facts and mud slinging than normal at the convention.  It appears that the Republicans (as well as the Tea Party which is a part of the Republican party), seem be be twisting facts badly.  Surprisingly, the local newspaper for once did some responsible reporting of what went on at the convention.  The following article will point this out:

If that isn’t disturbing enough about how your elected officials wish to stay in power by outright lying perhaps the following article about net neutrality will open up your eyes:

This is where I personally take offense with the Republicans.  They’ve never wanted net neutrality.  They’ve always wanted to control the net in one way shape, form, or another (can we say Communism or Orwellian policies).

The first part of their trying to control it was to stack the FCC (Federal Communications Commission with three new appointees appointed under George W. Bush.  So far it’s backfired on the Republicans in their interest to control the Internet.  Then there were attempts like SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), PIPA (Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act), and all their variants.

One of the biggest things in the later article I found very interesting was the party stance on porn and gambling sites on-line.  I don’t remember the article I read some time ago, but it stated that the most porn downloaded (legally or illegally) was downloaded in the most religiously repressed area of the country (the south).  Now look at the following:

Note that for the most part the Republican party controls the majority if not all the south.  Funny that they should want to ban porn since {(and I’m assuming here)(and let’s not forget what ASSume means) they (Republicans) are the most sexually repressed and most flagrant down-loaders of porn in the nation.

As to gambling, I don’t gamble.  However, I believe there are stringent enough controls on the gambling industry as a whole with one exception.  That exception is church sponsored gambling (i.e. Bingo and various Bingo Halls I’ve seen here in this state and I’m ASSumming again across the south).  The gambling industry limits the amount individuals can gamble (usually NO credit).  Sure there are load sharks out there but the vast majority will not extend credit if you can’t pay it.  Then again, those people thrive off the gambling addiction.  Most people won’t use them.  The government doesn’t have to do away with the gambling sites per say.  They should however apply the same governing laws that are applied to big casino’s to those websites and filter out those sites that won’t follow those laws.  Much easier than an all out ban.

When it comes to Bingo halls or church sponsored gambling, again it should follow the same rules and laws as big time casinos.  That includes getting taxed like a casino.  Yeah, I hear it now (FOUL!)  Sorry, but if those churches who sponsor this form of gambling practiced what they preached, there would be no such thing as church backed gambling (i.e. Bingo halls).

Ok, I’ve had my say about the Republican party and their convention.  Next up will be my take on the Democratic convention when it’s held.  Yes, you heard it right!  I’m going to be fair and equal here as I have no political affiliation with either nor if I voted would I vote for either party.


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3 Responses to “Republican Convention! (Same thing different day)”

  1. El Gwapo Says:

    Frog, El Gwapo here. Churches engage in many forms of fund raising. Remember all the donations or ‘winnings’ (the profit made by the church) goes to God’s work. Once or twice, I’ve seen this translate into money to help with our endeavors downtown. Gambling for Greed is always bad. Most churches I know do it for fund raising and for fun. Would it surprise you though to know that in the USA, a substantial part of all charity money comes from Republicans! I’m not for taking from the Rich to give to the poor. I AM for asking the Rich to give generously and to do more. And of course, we do have to level out the playing field as far as fair taxation is concerned. And, get corporate taxation back to balance.

    Re: the RNC convention. What a disappointment. Regardless, the Pubs (Republicans) did not distinguish themselves last week.

    • tfrog1291 Says:

      Point taken El Gwapo. There are a vast number of churches (I’d like to think they are the smaller ones) that do use the funds they generate for good.) As to the Republicans distinguishing themselves, the Democrats don’t seem to be doing any better. Just another typical election cycle where mud slinging tries to distract the American public from what the politicians are really doing. Never mind what they are trash talking about. Of course, I’m still waiting on further information on the Democratic convention as it’s still going on till the end of the week.

  2. El Gwapo Says:

    I thought the speeches by several Dems were very good. If we knew all that the CIA / FBI / NSA / office of the president knew………..or it was required to reveal all, I think we’d all go insane from fear.

    what did YOU think of the DEMS convention?

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