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Democratic National Convention?

September 14, 2012

I’ve looked for worthy news on the DNC.  I’ve waited for news on my technical sites for the DNC edition of the article I’ve read on the RNC.  Not one thing.  Now I haven’t dug deep as of yet.  Should I?  I’ve beginning to think it’s not worth it.

Most of what I’ve seen in the days leading to and coming out of the DNC has been nothing but mud slinging as I suspected.  Now it’s going to be the same as the last election.  More mud slinging and micro managed (individual issue crisis) politics as usual.

Indeed it’s already started with the current news of the Libyan Ambassador being killed.  The Republican’s are already saying what Obama is doing isn’t enough.  Somehow I think the Republican party would start yet another war over the issue if they could do it.

What neither party is doing is talking about what really happened in Libya.  What really happened was a total breakdown of security.  This could have happened from poor information from various sources (State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, or National Security Agency).  Another way this could have unfolded was the lack of proper physical security at the embassy or of personal guarding of the ambassador in a politically unstable nation.  This brings to mind a good question.  Why are we sending ambassadors to countries where there is still far too much political instability?

Instead of pointing figures, I’m going to leave this topic lie till I have more information about what really went on at the DNC.  Belay that.  I just checked the DNC official website.  Well designed but sadly lacking in actual information (caucus minutes especially).  Checking other sites now.

Ok.  The best article I’ve found stemming from the DNC was one done by the Washington Post that pretty much states how Bill Clinton stole the show.  From what I’ve read, it was more of Clinton pointing out the falsehood of the Republican rhetoric in Tampa.  He did not talk about himself but about the current President and past Democratic presidents.  I invite you all to read this article:

It was very informative and dealt very much with truth and history.  That’s all I’m going to say about the DNC.  Now let’s see what happens in the coming months.