Why do they do this? Police brutality!

Not since Rodney King and the Los Angeles police department did I ever expect police officers to be as they are today.  There is just so much corruption, discrimination, and down right anger in the Fraternal Order of Police.  The problem is how they represent themselves to the public.  The other part is the quality of the officers they enlist for their employment/service.

One of the titles stated on the street for Columbia, South Carolina’s city police department is:

Uniformed Gang Members

In fact, they aren’t all that bad really.  It’s just like society.  They have their good and bad people.  It just seems they have far to many bad people of late.  With what they pay the CPD officers (Columbia Police Department), they seem to be getting the bottom of the barrel officers.  These officers come from a couple of different camps.  There are the type who are over aggressive and then there are those that are downright lazy in their enforcing the law.

Let’s first address the lazy type of officer.  These are unique in that they have been on the force for quite some time now ( I’d like to say 5 years or more experience).  I’m not going to go any deeper than that at the present time as there are some other issues with these particular officers.  Most notably, they are overweight.  Generally, these officers are much easier to deal with than the other attitude.

Most of the “lazy” officers tend to be easier going than the rookies.  They’d much rather do something else other than harass the homeless.  Here in Columbia we know that the police would much rather deal with real crime than cajole the homeless.  They give their show of force by doing what they have to in that they patrol the area they are assigned.  Some are quite nice.  They give the homeless man a warning in the first incident then after that they up the ante so to speak (harsher violations and more).

The largest issue with these officers is that they generally don’t put pressure on the real criminals.  They don’t stop crime where it starts (traffic citations).  They also have a tendency to be corrupted easily but not as easy as others.  A lot of times you’ll find these officers wasting time with others of their ilk.  In this case, they are at the local coffee and doughnut hole (Crispy Creme, Denny’s, IHOP, or even Waffle House.  Sometimes you can find them at mini conventions where you’ll see four or more patrol cars rolled up at the same location without any of them doing any law enforcement.

Now let me tell you a story of a different kind of police officer.  Generally they are rookies or ones with less than five years on the force (though it could be ones who have had this attitude since they were rookies and made rank).  Like children, they are easily swayed as well as much easier to corrupt than the later officers.  I call them “yes” men as they will broadly apply anything their supervisors or even city counsels tell them to do.

Let’s start off with my own experience in Orange Park, Florida while I was homeless down there.  With a friends help, I was able to set up a small CLEAN camp to live in.  At the time I did not know it was private property.  I later learned in a big and costly way.  Had I known now what I know today, a county police officer would have lost his job.

I’d went to work one day for Action Labor in Orange Park for several hours.  Once I returned to camp, I found what was left of my three man tent and all my belongings strewn all over the place and the tent literally cut to pieces.  The worst part of it was a note left by what was presumed to be a police officer of Duvall County Florida.  I was told in no uncertain terms to leave the property and the officer left his business card.  Now this could or could not have been the officer named on the business card.  It could have been an impersonator.  Stranger things have happened.

Needless to say, I moved in less than three days.  I chose so to avoid prosecution and also got permission to use company land of which belonged to the company I had hired on to from out of Action Labor.  It was much better than the sixteen mile one way trip by bicycle to work and then back.

I don’t believe this is the only time it’s happened.  I beat a ticket written out by an officer here in Columbia.  The following Sunday while I ate breakfast at a local church, I left my panniers on the bicycle.  They weren’t even three weeks old and I came to back to my bike (gone less than an hour) to find them knifed and stuff strewn over a twenty foot area.

I can’t prove anything as to who did the deed.  However, I have my suspicions that the officer who’s ticket I beat had something to do with it.  He’s one of those who probably has been on the police force less than five years and is doing just what city council wants just to earn his Sargent strips faster.  He’s a known harasser of homeless and has had more homeless before the local city magistrate (judge) than any other officer.

Now this brings me to yet another incident I found out about just the other day.  A homeless acquaintance of mine got the poles on his tent destroyed and it was witnessed by yet another homeless man.  The person who did the deed here was a member of you guessed it.  Columbia police department.  Now it’s likely they will not be able to do anything about this as the witness will likely not come forward because of reprisals.  Also, the acquaintance, was probably trespassing on private property for a while.  I don’t know the entire details about his camp nor did I want to know.  Safer for him and me.

These police officers are not only brutal in their willingness to make advancement but they will listen to just about anyone or do anything to get what they desire.  There are names a plenty for these types.  I’ll leave that to your discretion.  And police wonder why the homeless WON’T help them or even communicate with them.

This is not only happening here but in several cities around the United States.  There has been to my knowledge at least one death of a homeless man due to just such discrimination and hate.  It’s not about race or anything else but the fact that people are homeless.  It has to end here and now.  We as a people CAN NOT tolerate this.

Now I’d like to share with you something I read in the local Free Times newspaper which you can read at:


or follow them on Facebook at:


This was in a column called “Rant and Rave”:

“I have two rants I need to get off my chest today.  Columbia drivers need to stop running red lights.  You are not only putting yourself in danger but you are putting the safety of pedestrians and your fellow drivers at risk.  I see this every day.  People will blatantly run red lights and turn left on red lights.  Please stop!  I really don’t understand why our police will not give these selfish and careless drivers traffic tickets.  Something should be done.  I have seen two accidents due to  running red lights.  You know how Spain has the Running of the Bulls?  well, Columbia has the Running of the Red Lights.  And finally.  Don’t stop doing your job because a co-worker (according to you) won’t do theirs; worry about yourself.  What kind of logic is that anyway.  Oh, and if Halloween is a fall festival, then Christmas is a holiday.  A pagan one to be exact.”

The previous message exemplifies Columbia police department.  Due to orders from city council, they would much rather harass a homeless man than stop the most petty of crimes.  If they were to stop these petty crimes, then most wouldn’t graduate to felonious crimes to begin with, thus dropping our prison population and putting those tax dollars to use in better places like education.

Let me add that a recent bill which got canned in the U.S. Congress was about police being able to search your email, Facebook, and other electronic data without warrant.  The federal Fraternal Order of Police is still trying to get this passed not to mention attempting to stop you from photographing/filming them while they are on duty (within reason: must be out of the way of harm/a safe distance from any activity an officer is doing in the line of duty).  Feel free to do a search via your favorite search engine with the search of “videotaping police”.  You’ll find loads of info on it and more.



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  1. Bryant King Says:

    Cities Can’t Seize and Destroy Homeless Population’s Possessions …blogs.findlaw.com/…/cities-cant-seize-and-destroy-homeless-p…CachedShare
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    Sep 6, 2012 – Injury & Tort L
    aw. … Cities Can’t Seize and Destroy Homeless Population’s Possessions … in a public place, they understand that they run the risk of their belongings being searched, … City of Los Angeles (FindLaw’s CaseLaw); Court Upholds Order Against Seizure of Property From Homeless (Metropolitan …
    Skid Row’s Homeless Protected from Random Seizure, Destruction …laist.com/2012/09/05/skid_rows_homeless_protected.phpCachedShare
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    Sep 5, 2012 – City workers and law enforcement officials will no longer be able to randomly … The injunction against the city was issued in June 2011 by U.S. … be destroyed, and owners must be notified where their belongings are located.
    Executive Summary – National Coalition for the Homelesswww.nationalhomeless.org/publications/…/summary.htmlCached – SimilarShare
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    The report includes the results of a survey of laws and practices in 224 cities around the … neutral laws, such as loitering or open container laws, against homeless persons; …. When a city destroys homeless persons’ belongings or conducts …
    Federal – National Coalition for the Homelesswww.nationalhomeless.org/…/casesummaries_1a.htmlCached – SimilarShare
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    Homeless individuals brought a § 1983 action against the City of Covington, … Park in lower Manhattan with some personal belongings, three cardboard boxes, ….. a legal right to be there; police shall not destroy personal property of homeless …
    City Prohibited From Seizing And Destroying Homeless Persons …www.kmtg.com/…/legal…/city-prohibited-seizing-and-destroyi…CachedShare
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    Oct 4, 2012 – A California law firm headquartered in Sacramento with regional offices in … City Prohibited From Seizing And Destroying Homeless Persons’ Personal … the “ Skid Row” district of Los Angeles brought a lawsuit against the City of Los … and carts along with all of their personal belongings in the containers.
    Ninth Circuit rules cities cannot destroy property of homeless – Juristjurist.org/…/ninth-circuit-rules-cities-cannot-destroy-property-…CachedShare
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    Sep 6, 2012 – JURIST – Paper Chase: Ninth Circuit rules cities cannot destroy property of … to the requirements of due process for the belongings of homeless persons. … state laws regarding sex offenders are unconstitutional as applied to …
    Federal Ruling Brings Homeless Belongings Ban Into Question …www.civilbeat.com/articles/17043/CachedShare
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    Sep 10, 2012 – The 9th Circuit Court says homeless people have property rights, too. … measure as a de facto ban against the homeless living on Oahu sidewalks. ….. 1,000 years of common law if they held that the City is liable for destroying …


  2. Bryant Says:

    http://www.thestate.com/2012/12/09/2548602/sunday-homelessness-not-appealing.html#.UMYSrnm4QTY.Columbia, SC – Sunday: Homelessness not appealing – Letters – TheState.com

  3. tfrog1291 Says:


    The decision of the 9th Circuit needs to be pressed in the 4th Circuit as we discussed earlier. Though it has precedence, it needs to be throughout the U.S. However, I agree with the 9th on this one. Personal property no matter how small of value should not be destroyed by any law enforcement officer. Any action taken has to be within the law. In my case in Jacksonville, I might have been able to sue the officer in question as he left his business card. That is if it had been the officer on the card and not an impersonator.

  4. tfrog1291 Says:


    As to the post about the lady in the State paper. I find her knowledge of the homeless and our plight sadly lacking. It’s obvious to me she’s one of those that come into the library to use it as a socialization place when it’s meant to be a furthering education institution.

    Of late the Richland Library has added assistance for people seeking jobs as the local job service via the Employment Commission is sadly lacking in quality people and resources of other types. It’s a good thing the library is doing here. It’s also a boon to those homeless seeking jobs.

    The biggest issue I see on a daily basis at the library is those that come and use it to socialize inside the building that should be almost dead quiet as other libraries I’ve visited. The other issue is the wasted resources on those that come in and watch videos and play games (non educational) on the library computers.

    There is NO excuse not to use library resources for recreation other than to read. The use of library resources should be for research and education when it comes to their computers. The premises should also NOT be used for socializing. Take that crap outside. It’s no wonder I have to get a book and leave to read in peace.

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