Challenge To All Anonymous Crackers!

I thought of something I myself wouldn’t do though I can get all the tools needed to do it.  Is it illegal?  Highly.  Do I have the prerequisite knowledge to do it?  Not exactly.  Though I’m a CompTIA A+ certified computer repairman, I would personally NOT “crack” into any website or system server.  I’m what the term “hacker” is.  I learn one or more operating systems and if possible point out weaknesses to the company or group of individuals (as in the case of Linux distribution) in charge of the production of said operating systems of said weaknesses.  That said, I DO NOT CONDONE CRACKING FOR PROFIT OF ANY KIND!

However, I’m not above challenging someone to do what some would think impossible.  In this case, put mud in the face of big business and governments.  How do I propose this challenge?  Simple.  Pose the challenge to those that find cracking to be fun, sporting, and down right anti-establishment in nature.  Some of these people do this for profit as network security consultants.  Funny thing is many of those consultants are probably nonvocal members of Anonymous.  Though nonvocal, they are the ones that don’t get caught when assisting the rest of the group.

Frankly, I’ve found what Anonymous has done to date to be pure child’s play compared to what they can do.  These people are probably ones who go to the Defcon and Blackhat conferences to learn new exploits/tricks to possess root access to the operating system they attack (Windows, OS X, Android, and others).  Some or all are known to Homeland Security via registration for those conferences.  However, those that don’t attend are those to watch out for.  So here’s my challenge to those of Anonymous that are so endowed with knowledge that goes beyond anything I know or am willing to teach:

If you want to really show your salt (talents), stop with the current stuff you’re doing taking down websites as well as exposing client lists and do the unthinkable.  Crack in and find the appropriate information exposing corporate/government corruption and put it in the public domain for all to see.

I’m certain this would be much more challenging and garner some of you folks the attention you deserve not to mention a possible position in computer security for major corporations not to mention governments around the world.  And yes, I expect to be hauled in by Homeland Security (Homeland Insecurity 😛) for questioning revolving around said challenge.  I’m not scared.  It’s not as bad as something I’d write a book about.  That would be much worse than what I’m challenging.  Besides, I can’t be convicted for just putting an IDEA out there for others to act upon.

I’m already ostracized since I’m now homeless and without employment in my field of choice (Information Technology).  My age alone (52 soon to be 53) is also a strike against me.  No one wants someone my age in that field anymore unless it’s as a senior systems administrator or some position like that (and I’m not qualified for that).  Consider this a big F**k You to the establishment who grew up before and during the same time I was growing up.  You copped out.

Again, I state for the record that this is just an IDEA/CHALLENGE for those who can and are capable of doing this.  I DO NOT CONDONE ANY FORM OF COMPUTER/WIRE FRAUD, NOR DO I ATTEMPT EITHER OF THEM.  Even if I did, I couldn’t do it right now anyway as I have NO computers (laptop or desktop) of my own in which to do it with.  I’m currently writing this from a library computer and will continue to do so till I can afford another laptop.  That will probably be another year or two before that happens as is.  By that time the computer world will surpass my knowledge even further than it currently is today 😦


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4 Responses to “Challenge To All Anonymous Crackers!”

  1. Trevor Terry Says:

    Bring on a Citizen iVote ap so we can vote, daily, alongside the MP’s and Senators, helping to guide them/bury them in downvotes for laws SNUCK into office. 🙂

  2. tfrog1291 Says:


    Let’s not stop at the iOS level. Let’s throw in an Android app as well as apps for ALL operating systems for phones and computers.

  3. Liviu Rafael Nichiforiuc Says:

    Is easier said then done. One can “Challenge” but that does not mean they will win. How can one defeat the invisible cause Anonymous is not ONE person or ONE organisation it is the people. The system can be “Challenge” and “defeated” but the people can not. Although they try. And this “try” makes some including innocent freedom and justice fighters to go behind bars for no reason except for wanting to have justice and be free. This in the end proves the unfair system and there for makes them lose in the long run although some sacrifice will be for it.

    • tfrog1291 Says:


      Until the people of this world throw out greed for money (Money is an idea. Once the belief in it is gone it becomes useless) and power it will always be those in power who make the vast majority of the world’s population suffer.

      It’s agreed that NO one organization can remove this issue. No country will ever be able to remove greed from the equation. Only knowledge and education can change people. That’s something NO government nor religion wants. Thus they attempt to dumb down society as a whole.

      To quote Lenard Nimoy portraying Captain Spock in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.” Alas, ALL governing bodies including many corporations DON’T see things like this. Instead they see the reverse where the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the few or the many. This should be the imperative of ALL humans.

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