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Could It Be? Did someone hear my challenge?

January 29, 2013

I’ll repeat the two questions in the title for purposes you’ll see in a moment.  Could it be?  Did someone hear my challenge?  Let me amend the second question and add yet another?  Did the right parties finally get smart and take up my challenge?  Did it take the suicide of a person only seeking to release information that should have been free in the first place?  The following link is what I refer to:

Though classified a selective attack by Anonymous (i.e. Department of Justice), it appears they are finally realizing what I’ve realized all along.  To truly wake up government (not necessarily the United States government but any government), you have to get information that government wants kept secret for fear that it will do one of several things.  Examples of things the governments don’t want exposed:

1.     Corruption

2.     Fraud

3.     Missappropriation

4.     Plots by the government against their own citizens.

It is my sincere hope that Anonymous found all this and more when they “cracked” into DOJ’s servers.  I’ve checked the files listed that were released on Pirate Bay for download.  Though I currently have no computer of my own and can’t download them via bit torrent here at the public library, I’d love to have copies of these nine files to see just what Anonymous has released.  I suspect it’s some very embarrassing items about the DOJ.  By my estimation, the nine files they uploaded have around thirteen or fourteen gigabyte of information.  If it’s all text, it’s considerable.

Also my sincere hope is that Anonymous won’t stop at the Department of Justice.  I hope they dig deeper.  It would be interesting to see what they could find at the Central Intelligence Agency or Department of Homeland Security (I call the DHS the Department of Homeland Insecurity), or even the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The National Security Agency to me is a waste of time.  There is just too much information there to sift through.  The CIA would be interesting because they should have been closed down years ago during Kennedy’s administration.  DHS because of the Patriot Act which in my book shouldn’t even be called that.  That was the most unpatriotic bill ever invoked into law not to mention most of it being unconstitutional.  As to the FBI, I’m sure there are lots of very interesting things that can be gleaned there.  Cover ups anyone?

All this goes to show you that even our own government can’t stop people from finding out what they want to find out.  How much are they really hiding?  Perhaps things to do with Roswell, New Mexico or even John F. Kennedy’s assassination?  I’m sure there is even more than that.

At this point, I believe the United States government is proving just how stupid of Information Technologist they can and DO hire.  If their website programmers can’t avoid a security issue that has been known in the wild for over ten years,  then they should all be fired and they should get some competent people.  However, competency is another subject altogether when it comes to just how competent the United States of America is.

Please by all means, find more dirt that the career politicians and their cronies have on them.  Anonymous has a start.  Frankly, I don’t care if Anonymous does it or some private individual.  We need to expose the faults and corruption of our own government.  The media is finally getting in the act instead of just listening to their corporate masters.  However, it’s the Internet media that is finding all this out.  Definitely not Rupert Murdock’s crew.


Do You Know?

January 5, 2013

Do you know that MOST if not ALLVeteran’s Affairs Hospitals are college medical schools?  Yes, it’s true for at least two of them that I know of.  One being the University of California at San Diego.  The other one is William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center here in Columbia, SC.  I suspect that the rest of them are just as bad.

Yes, you heard it.  Our nations veterans (myself included since I served in the United States Navy from 1981 through 1992) are being treated by STUDENTS!  Yes these people may already have degrees in nursing or in the medical field, however the vast majority of those treating our veterans are students (first time nurses and doctors).  Interesting huh?

This should show you how the veterans of our armed forces are treated.  We don’t even get first rate medical care.  It’s like we’re guinea pigs or test patients for the student population of these medical schools.  I won’t even go into what all I know of by hearsay evidence.  The hearsay alone would send most into shock let alone if not into cardiac arrest.

Are there real doctors and nurses at these facilities?  I’d like to hope so.  However, they are probably few and far in between.  My last appointment with a Veteran’s Administration doctor (Was he a REALdoctor?) was this morning.  He was told only to look at one thing for my current claim.  He did NOTask about any other prior claimed injuries.  Nor was I asked what else might have been bothering me.  This kid (he may have been in his mid 20″s) did his job well and quick.  When going into a doctor’s office, aren’t you asked what your issues are (i.e. ailments and symptoms)?  I surely wasn’t.

Let this be a warning for all the veteran’s.  Perhaps it’s better to get a REALdoctor to look at you even at your own cost.  Yes it may cost out of pocket, but you’ll get better care and you can still use that doctors records in your claim against any Veteran’s Administration claim.