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You Lie!

February 22, 2013

This famous two word sentence got international attention when Representative Joe Wilson yelled it at the top of his lungs during a speech given by President Barack Obama to the joint session of Congress in September of 2009.  Though he later apologized for his actions, ole Joe wasn’t far from the truth.  Not just about the President but about all politicians in general.  But this isn’t about just politicians.  It’s about everyone and just how far they’ll go to get what they want.

I for one abhor lies.  Even stretching the truth doesn’t go very far with me.  Oh, everyone has his/her stories and they can tell it the way they see it.  It’s when those stories are no longer stories and becomes lies they live with as truths for personal gain.  That’s the one thing I abhor the most.  This greatly narrows down the list of those I call professional liars.  Now let’s look at the professions I believe to be professional liars.

Spin doctors as they are called.  These people are used by government to make statements to make statistics look good for those in control of our government through various media sources.  What people don’t realize is these people only present one side of any story statistically speaking.  They tend to not include ALL of the facts.  Are they liars?  To a point their job is to lie to the public via not presenting all of the facts. In this case they are not really liars.

Meteorologists to use the proper term.  Some may say they are liars but they are NOT.  The issue here again is the amount of data this profession has to work with.  They rely on historic data as well as garnered data captured by the current technology for forecasting.

Prostitutes ARE professional liars to a point.  They lie more to their clientele than they do to friends and or their pimps (if they have them or they work for a madame).  All the guys know their lies so I won’t expound upon them here.  Even a large number of females know their lies as there are some that AREN’T prostitutes that use these lies to get what they want.

Politicians on the other hand ARE true liars.  They lie not only to their constituent, but to anyone they feel necessary to in order to maintain their grip on the power they have.  They also lie to garner campaign contributions (some of these contributions can be construed as BRIBES).  Often times, they’ll even lie to the other people in their respective field of endeavor.

Often times, I wonder if they know just how many lies they tell.  Do they count them just to keep track?  Do they get caught lying?  I’m not certain about the first question.  The second question I can honestly say that they get caught.  Just not often enough to help his/her constituents.  I truly think the last honest politician we here in the United States had was Harry S. Truman.  Even he probably hid the truth to a certain extent though not through blatant lying.

What we need in this world today is less lying and opinions.  We have enough lying.  Opinions are like assholes.  Everyone has one and they all stink.  If there were more honesty in this world we as the human race would have a lot less strife than we currently have.  Enough said.