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Needy, Greedy, and Fraudulent Homeless!

August 7, 2013

As you know, I’m a homeless veteran.  Recently I witnessed something that should not happen.  Actually two things.  I witnessed both greed and fraud at the same feed for the homeless.  I’ve pretty much covered greed before, however this is a different type of greed.  When I speak of fraud, I’m talking about those that come to those places that feed homeless and eat when they got food, shelter, automobiles as well as other items the homeless don’t have.

Let me talk first of those in the homeless community who are greedy.  These are the types who come to homeless feeds desiring to be the first in every line whether they need the food or not.  Many of these types come to multiple feedings per meal time whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner feeds.  They take what they want and then throw the rest of the served food away instead of offering to someone else who may need it.  This is wasteful and down right ignorant.  Those that prepare the food expect it to nourish those in need of this food.  Yet I see it all the time.  What’s worse is they like to jump lines of people already there waiting to be served or just waiting for a ticket to be served.  This doesn’t count the disrespectfulness towards those that prepared the food by throwing unwanted food out.

I had just that happen last Saturday.  A female who I’ve never seen at a local feed jumped the line that had already formed up for tickets.  Thankfully the person who I’d assumed had the tickets didn’t have them.  They were being doled out by someone else.  This person was wrong even though she was female.  I could have seen it if she’d had small children, but she didn’t have any.  It was pure greed.  This wasn’t the only thing I saw at that same said feed.

I witnessed two almost brand new sport utility vehicles (one Ford Explorer and one Mercury Mountaineer) pull up and have more than two people get out of each of them and grab tickets including the drivers.  These vehicles retail for around $40,000 each.  If you can afford to drive these vehicles and pay the gasoline bill for said vehicles, you should have a home (I’m sure these people did) and have food on the table.  Wrong again.  These people were frauds.  They are people who had everything needed but were taking advantage of free food.  This isn’t the only feed I’ve seen this at.  I’ve seen it at the Trinity Episcopal Church breakfast on Sunday’s as well.  This and the prior type people happen EVERY week there.

Though needy myself, I only attend the feedings I need to sustain myself.  I eat at most three times a day and sometimes as few as once a day.  Most of the time I’ll use the Soup Cellar for lunch and various feeds for dinner throughout the week.  On Saturday, I only eat at the Resurrections feed (often called the HotDog Man) feed during lunch sometimes but not always getting a second serving there.  Sometimes but not always, I’ll catch breakfast at a local park before the Saturday lunch.  Sunday’s I eat at Trinity Episcopal Church’s breakfast and eating only the supplied bag lunch later in the day unless I’m able to get and store additional food from the day before.

If I get a third meal during the weekdays, I get a snack at the coffee shop set up for the homeless.  It may not be much (usually amounts to a PB&J sandwich or some sort of sweet), but it gets me by till lunch.  Yes, I’m a caffeine hound.  This generally goes with at least three cups (6 ounce) of coffee.

For those that are homeless and read my blog, you probably have witnessed this type of stuff happening in your area or see various sources of food literally dry up because of actions like this or other actions.  My message to those homeless that get greedy, stop and think about others instead of thinking about just yourself.  You’re not gaining anything by your actions.  Should things continue to get worse around Columbia, you might even find yourself getting killed over your actions.  There are those that would consider this (I’m not one).

Now a message for the phoney frauds or those that are considering it.  Years ago in San Diego, California the state and the Internal Revenue Service (federal) caught a man defrauding the government for taxes as well as defrauding the state of California citizens.  He was imprisoned for his fraud and lost everything.  He was panhandling on a busy freeway on ramp.  This man was making in excess of $30,000 per year and driving an almost new Lexus, not to mention he was paying for a rather nice home this way.  ALL FROM PANHANDLING!  By now he is truly homeless for his fraudulent behavior after serving time in both the state of California as well as a federal prison system.  IS IT WORTH LOSING YOUR HOME, YOUR AUTOMOBILE, AND ALL YOUR OTHER POSSESSIONS TO DEFRAUD OTHERS?