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January 9, 2014

Many of you might wonder how my holidays went.  Being homeless doesn’t always allow you to have great holidays or holiday cheer.  Almost all the homeless would much rather spend them a different way than out in the street, sometimes cold, sometimes wet, and sometimes hungry.  Some have better holidays than others even if they are in the street.

Myself, I’m not much of a holidays person after my father passed away.  I tend to prefer to be alone even though I’m often lonely for someone of like interests.  I spend the days much like I do now.  Usually reading a book and going to one of the few places who feed the needy on those days.  One of my favorite places to be is a local park where few homeless go.  It’s here where my story of benevolence begins.

From just before Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas and even on to my birthday (January 5th), I’ve been the recipient of the benevolence of others outside the usual and even more from the usual.  Not once but five times I’ve had people whom I didn’t know come up to me and give me money or offer me food.  Almost every time I’ve attempted to refuse the assistance.  Not out of pride, but out of concern for those attempting to give the gifts (some of these I believe can’t really afford to do what they do but do so anyway).

Most of these folks I’ve met this way have been younger than myself (I just turned 54).  Some have families, others do not.  Those that have had families, I’ve tried to explain that they should put that money into their families and not into my hands.  Others, like the gentleman who I’m guessing was around 75 years old, smile when I finally do accept their offer.  In the case of the 75 year old, I’d like to think it brought him some pleasure and joy to help out his fellow man.  Two who helped me out I’ve known through helping them help others in my shoes.  I won’t name them, but they know who they are.

The one thing I always do with these people is attempt to befriend them.  What I would much rather have is their friendship and understanding instead of their money.  Over my 54 years, I’ve learned that it isn’t about “money.”  I no longer crave the material things I once craved.  The one thing I crave most is friends since it’s not likely I’ll ever have a family.

Very few of these people do I ever see again.  Though I don’t find it odd, I find it odd that they wouldn’t take credit for doing what they do.  These are the true benevolent soles out there.  The ones who don’t have a lot and yet they go out of their way to help a total stranger out.  They may or may not do this in just one place.  Often times, they would much rather be forgotten for their good deeds.

Well, to those that helped me out with charitable contributions, I thank you.  Even if I’ve never known them or never got their name, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your money was well spent on either food or keeping my bicycle going.  As all my followers know, I don’t have the vices of drugs or alcohol to use the money on.