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March 17, 2015

This is a multiple edge sword that is as old as mankind. It has been based mostly on race and religion. However, it’s probably been based on even broader ideals than this. It’s also mankind’s most hurtful of sins. Discrimination hurts everyone every single day.

Slavery which is almost as old as mankind itself is nothing more than a form of discrimination. We had it here in America for many years after the United States became a country. Before that it was recorded to have happened in Europe and the middle east. Slavery often happened during or after a war between two different people for the most simplistic of reasons. It wasn’t till the Europeans became slavers that slavery became a thing of race.

Thankfully slavery was abolished both in Europe and the United States. European’s were the first to abolish it. Great Britain was next and then the U.S. Alas, slavery still exists but in a quiet underworld sort of way.

Not to be outdone, religion became the most vaunted form of discrimination in modern time. It started with the Roman’s against the Christians not long after Christ. The Crusades in the 14th century was next. Again we had discrimination by religion in World War II. Then it was discrimination against the Jews. Religious discrimination happens even today with Catholics against Protestants in Ireland as well as Christians against Muslims in the middle east. There’s even Muslims against Muslims in a secular way. Secularism is in just about every religion and is another topic all together.

These are the two largest forms of discrimination. However, there are other forms of discrimination. You can be discriminated due to sex or other things. It still happens today even in the United States. Terms like nerd, dweb, and others are nothing more than a form of discrimination. You or those that use terms like this are separating those you describe as this into a specific group and discriminating against that group. It even happens by “class” of people. The wealthy look down their noses at the poor or less fortunate. This is a form of discrimination as well. Even age is discriminated against in some places.

No matter what, discrimination is WRONG! People like you, me, and others should NOT discriminate for ANY reason whatsoever. This next phrase I’m about to type here is the EXACT reason there shouldn’t be any discrimination at all. WE ALL BLEED THE SAME COLOR! That’s right. WE ALL BLEED RED. Then why is there discrimination? This is a question everyone should be asking each other instead of calling someone racist or other name to instigate a fight or even war. We all should be talking with each other instead of fighting over words or beliefs or whatever the reason is for discrimination. Enough said!