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I’m a 53 year old unemployed CompTIA A+  computer technician who is an fanatical bicycle tour rider (I chose the routes and destinations as well as riding solo or not.) who has found himself homeless and not for the first time.  I’m not fond of television nor newspapers.  I am on Facebook and soon Google+.  In person and on Internet Relay Chat on both Freenode and Undernet networks.  I go by TFrog in most of the forums I peruse as well as on Internet Relay Chat.  Feel free to say hello if you’ve read this here and happen to be on those networks.  Oh, one note for those interested, I’m not only homeless but a homeless veteran.  I served in the U.S. Navy before and during Operation Desert Storm.  Though shore based at the time, I still served.  Did you?


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Nadine Says:

    Good to hear from you Terry!

  2. Oblio``` Says:

    Cottage Industry indeed. I have some experience with this as I have a 54 year old mentally retarded sister. Not severly so, she just cant make proper decisions on her own. she lives in South Bend IN, which is a half hour drive frome my house.

    I will discuss one issue that lays out some of the politics that go on.
    We all know during the Reagan administration the decision was made to close most mental institutions run by states; pharmacology was the new way of insuring these people were now ready for society. They werent, and now fast forward, and we have privatized healthcare with a *FOR PROFIT* motive ( another political problem of mine ) administering to these patients. These organizations are funded by medicaid and medicare dollars, and each individual one has a Director and a board that has to be paid. Tax dollars going into someones pocket , and i doubt the chairman actually heals anyone.

    The institution *taking care* of my sister was called Madison Center.
    Im not sure of dates, and my facts my be wobbly, but if you care to research it, it will be well documented by the South Bend Tribune.

    I believe Madison carried a full range of benefits for the mentally impaired, from actual housing on campus, to limited care like my sister got like a ride to the store on food stamp day to someone coming and making sure she took her meds on time. She recieved a housing voucher to suppliment her SSI so she could live in her own apartment.

    Sound good? on the outside yes but..there were also other medical centers duplicating these services, and dont forget it was and is all supported by your tax dollars. Multiple chairmen and boards lining their pockets with money that could go to actual health care. In my personal opinion their profit mission over rode their medical mission, i believe they kept my sister trapped in their system. She used to work menial jobs to help herself.

    Madison Center went bankrupt, and she was shuffled, along with Madison caseworkers nurses etc to Goshen Healthcare, a duplicate outfit that was ready for a fairly smooth transition with service and your tax dollars. To be sure their were some budget cuts and patients bore the brunt.

    The kicker in this tale is the sale of Madison Center Property to Memorial Health Care, the main hospital and health care system in South Bend. An aquaintence of mine, a good staunch Republican ( i’ on the left ) worked at madison as a nursing Supervisor. He was bought up by Memorial health care, which was good for him. I was pleased for him. But what he told me was a shocker, and it is documented in the news. Madison Center, when it went banktupt, sold 54 million worth of property to Memorial for 8 million dollars.
    Thats your tax money, supposedly being used to help those with mental issues, being mishandled by a privatized outfit, and handed over to a private healthcare outfit.

    This country is vast and there are many more privatized organisations using your tax dollars in this fashion to reduce the *size* of government. The only reduction as far as politics is concerned is the number of govt employees, and the loss of the mission of healing, to privatied graft and lower paying jobs, and fat paychecks to un needed Chairmen and boards of directors.

    A lot of the homeless problem, as TFrog mentioned, is with the mentally unstable. The problem with the homeless, is in the politics of how they are being taken care of, along withe the truly homeless that are stable. This problem will only grow as long as people insist on privatization.

  3. Dana Smith Says:

    Finally found your blog, Terry 🙂

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