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Do You Know?

January 5, 2013

Do you know that MOST if not ALLVeteran’s Affairs Hospitals are college medical schools?  Yes, it’s true for at least two of them that I know of.  One being the University of California at San Diego.  The other one is William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center here in Columbia, SC.  I suspect that the rest of them are just as bad.

Yes, you heard it.  Our nations veterans (myself included since I served in the United States Navy from 1981 through 1992) are being treated by STUDENTS!  Yes these people may already have degrees in nursing or in the medical field, however the vast majority of those treating our veterans are students (first time nurses and doctors).  Interesting huh?

This should show you how the veterans of our armed forces are treated.  We don’t even get first rate medical care.  It’s like we’re guinea pigs or test patients for the student population of these medical schools.  I won’t even go into what all I know of by hearsay evidence.  The hearsay alone would send most into shock let alone if not into cardiac arrest.

Are there real doctors and nurses at these facilities?  I’d like to hope so.  However, they are probably few and far in between.  My last appointment with a Veteran’s Administration doctor (Was he a REALdoctor?) was this morning.  He was told only to look at one thing for my current claim.  He did NOTask about any other prior claimed injuries.  Nor was I asked what else might have been bothering me.  This kid (he may have been in his mid 20″s) did his job well and quick.  When going into a doctor’s office, aren’t you asked what your issues are (i.e. ailments and symptoms)?  I surely wasn’t.

Let this be a warning for all the veteran’s.  Perhaps it’s better to get a REALdoctor to look at you even at your own cost.  Yes it may cost out of pocket, but you’ll get better care and you can still use that doctors records in your claim against any Veteran’s Administration claim.


I couldn’t have said it better myself! VA disgraced!

December 6, 2012


As a service to taxpayers, the IRS’s longtime policy is to pay tax refund claims promptly and only later to refer the refund files for possible audits and collection, in the event of over payments or fraud. This policy, though, means that ordinary taxpayers are treated better than the nation’s wounded warriors who file disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The V.A.’s assumption seems to be that wounded veterans are cheating — and thus most veterans receive at least five evaluations, and each one reviewed over a several-year period, before full benefits can be awarded. (Even though some temporary financial relief is available before final determination, veterans complain that the amount is almost never enough for complicated rehabilitation programs and other support.) [Washington Post, 11-11-2012]

Need I say more?

Interesting development! Healthcare, what a joke!

November 19, 2012

It appears to me that the social elite are at it again.  I just got an email from Credo about the CEO of Macy’s calling for the end to Medicaid, Medicare, and any form of welfare including Social Security.  Rather interesting since a lot of people in the social elite draw Social Security even though they DON’T contribute any money into it.  That’s correct.  The social elite (CEO’s and others making over $1 Million a year DON’T contribute anything to the Social Security system).
What this idiot doesn’t seem to take into account is without Medicaid or Medicare, over 45% of us could not afford medical costs thanks to the people like him who control the medical system (FDA and pharmaceutical companies who actually run the FDA).  Yes, you heard right.  The FDA is not controlled by the federal government.  The medical fields have very little or NO control by the federal government.  Thus we pay not once but twice for the development of new drugs.  It’s also the reason we pay more for those drugs than any other country.

Don’t get me wrong.  The original idea of the FDA was good.  Problem is we’re back to the pharmaceutical companies peddling snake oils instead of looking for cures like they once did.  For instance, there has yet to be a cured disease since Polio back in the 1930’s.  What’s with this?  Where are all the research dollars that the FDA pumps into the pharmaceutical companies going (taxpayer dollars)?  Certainly not for cures.  All the pharmaceutical companies want are treatments where they can charge over and over and over again.

Let me bring out another point as well.  With the growing number of people in the U.S. becoming homeless, the system is getting inundated because these people have no other means of getting any kind of healthcare.  Most homeless aren’t even getting first rate care.  They have to go to “FREE” clinics that are vastly understaffed and don’t have access to even rudimentary drugs to help a patient with a common cold let alone something more drastic.  The quality of healthcare for the homeless is even worse than it is for a fix income social security recipient.  Even my grandmother who died at 91 years of age (yes she lived on social security till her death) got better care than a homeless person does.

Now this is where I have it better than the average homeless person.  At least I get FREE medical care because of being a veteran.  How good is it?  Frankly it’s probably as bad if not worse in some cases than the healthcare under Medicare/Medicaid.  Often times I have to resort to the ER to get immediate care and even that takes hours.  Heaven forbid I try getting care from my primary physician which is a nurse/practitioner instead of a real doctor.  If I go the later route, I’m often waiting days, and sometimes weeks to be seen.  Pretty sad for care for those that made the sacrifice to serve their country.

Of course, it doesn’t end here.  Now the government and their corporate masters having me pay a copay for any and ALL medications I’m prescribed whether I pick up the prescription or not.  I was forced to go down to V.A. hospital to straighten these fools out for billing me for medication I never received (the prescriptions were for medication I couldn’t take due to allergies that have been noted in my medical record since 1982).  That’s right, the doctor didn’t even ask me about allergies or anything before prescribing me the pain killers.  I had to flag the pharmacy to make sure my record stated I couldn’t take those medications.  Talking about malpractice waiting to happen.

You be the judge.  Look at the current state of your medical care.  And don’t think you CAN’T be dropped for pre-existing conditions.  It’s a well known fact that the insurance industry DOESN’T like to pay out on anything.  How do you think those companies have such high profits year after year.

One other well known facts of medical issues and being homeless.  The diet they feed the homeless (me included) is worse than the diet that is fed to most school children in ANY school system.  Most of what I eat is starches,  fat, fiber, and sugars.  It’s no wonder many of the South Carolina homeless are diabetic.  Of course, many of those don’t pay attention to their health to begin with further hampering a broken system.  It’s just another vicious circle.