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May 7, 2012

I just noticed the elections in France today.  If it’s any indication of what is to come then God help those that have been to greedy for their own good.  It only serves them right for being far too greedy.  However, it also raises a question.  Just how honest is the election process in any government anymore?

Over the years there have been a number of different methods where candidates have won elections only to be called to the carpet after recounts and election investigations.  Those methods are imposing threats on voters, ballot stuffing, and even bribing election officials.  There’s even been a case where people have had others posing as dead people to get elected.  All this for greed and power.

In today’s electronic age, these issues become fewer and fewer.  However, I’m sure there have been some bright politicians or bureaucrats who have thought to bribe the people that set up the ballot box machines or again bribe the election officials just to get elected.

Will we see this happen again in the U.S.?  Maybe not on the federal level unless someone is that dishonest enough.  I tend to think we’ll see some on the local and possibly on the state levels depending on various states but not likely in the federal level unless someone has billions just to throw away to sway the electoral college which has 538 members and are the real people who elect our president.

Unlike many, I did study history and know who really elects the president of the U.S.  Five hundred and thirty eight people can go against the popular vote.  It’s happened four in know history of the electoral college.  Who’s to say those votes CAN’T be bought?

All I’m really saying here is that those of the voting populace need to watch their political leaders very carefully.  No, I’m not talking the special interest groups watching over the politicians.  They do so anyway.  I’m talking individual voters should pay close attention to how their politicians vote on various bills and policies.  Only then does anyone have a right to bitch about his or her political votes not counting.

As a prior military service member, I’ve watched elections (no I’ve never voted and only registered to vote once or twice).  I’ve seen the ins and outs of the political system.  They are as corrupt as any other system.  It’s the main reason I don’t vote.  That and the two different parties in Washington D.C. who keep redrawing the lines in census years to their advantage and not letting other parties having equal rights to campaign funding under the federal laws (matching funds).

However, having served, I have every right to complain about my government as I’m still receiving a federal Veteran’s Administration disability check.  I served for 12 years so those elected officials brat kids didn’t have to.  Yes, I volunteered.  I was not drafted.

Anyway, I feel it’s each individual’s right to make things change.  France is a shining example of that happening in a democratic country.  I hope it happens here as well.  However, it won’t happen unless more people start watching who is elected and voting their minds and wallets for the officials that won’t be corrupted by greed and power.