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March 17, 2015

This is a multiple edge sword that is as old as mankind. It has been based mostly on race and religion. However, it’s probably been based on even broader ideals than this. It’s also mankind’s most hurtful of sins. Discrimination hurts everyone every single day.

Slavery which is almost as old as mankind itself is nothing more than a form of discrimination. We had it here in America for many years after the United States became a country. Before that it was recorded to have happened in Europe and the middle east. Slavery often happened during or after a war between two different people for the most simplistic of reasons. It wasn’t till the Europeans became slavers that slavery became a thing of race.

Thankfully slavery was abolished both in Europe and the United States. European’s were the first to abolish it. Great Britain was next and then the U.S. Alas, slavery still exists but in a quiet underworld sort of way.

Not to be outdone, religion became the most vaunted form of discrimination in modern time. It started with the Roman’s against the Christians not long after Christ. The Crusades in the 14th century was next. Again we had discrimination by religion in World War II. Then it was discrimination against the Jews. Religious discrimination happens even today with Catholics against Protestants in Ireland as well as Christians against Muslims in the middle east. There’s even Muslims against Muslims in a secular way. Secularism is in just about every religion and is another topic all together.

These are the two largest forms of discrimination. However, there are other forms of discrimination. You can be discriminated due to sex or other things. It still happens today even in the United States. Terms like nerd, dweb, and others are nothing more than a form of discrimination. You or those that use terms like this are separating those you describe as this into a specific group and discriminating against that group. It even happens by “class” of people. The wealthy look down their noses at the poor or less fortunate. This is a form of discrimination as well. Even age is discriminated against in some places.

No matter what, discrimination is WRONG! People like you, me, and others should NOT discriminate for ANY reason whatsoever. This next phrase I’m about to type here is the EXACT reason there shouldn’t be any discrimination at all. WE ALL BLEED THE SAME COLOR! That’s right. WE ALL BLEED RED. Then why is there discrimination? This is a question everyone should be asking each other instead of calling someone racist or other name to instigate a fight or even war. We all should be talking with each other instead of fighting over words or beliefs or whatever the reason is for discrimination. Enough said!


You Lie!

February 22, 2013

This famous two word sentence got international attention when Representative Joe Wilson yelled it at the top of his lungs during a speech given by President Barack Obama to the joint session of Congress in September of 2009.  Though he later apologized for his actions, ole Joe wasn’t far from the truth.  Not just about the President but about all politicians in general.  But this isn’t about just politicians.  It’s about everyone and just how far they’ll go to get what they want.

I for one abhor lies.  Even stretching the truth doesn’t go very far with me.  Oh, everyone has his/her stories and they can tell it the way they see it.  It’s when those stories are no longer stories and becomes lies they live with as truths for personal gain.  That’s the one thing I abhor the most.  This greatly narrows down the list of those I call professional liars.  Now let’s look at the professions I believe to be professional liars.

Spin doctors as they are called.  These people are used by government to make statements to make statistics look good for those in control of our government through various media sources.  What people don’t realize is these people only present one side of any story statistically speaking.  They tend to not include ALL of the facts.  Are they liars?  To a point their job is to lie to the public via not presenting all of the facts. In this case they are not really liars.

Meteorologists to use the proper term.  Some may say they are liars but they are NOT.  The issue here again is the amount of data this profession has to work with.  They rely on historic data as well as garnered data captured by the current technology for forecasting.

Prostitutes ARE professional liars to a point.  They lie more to their clientele than they do to friends and or their pimps (if they have them or they work for a madame).  All the guys know their lies so I won’t expound upon them here.  Even a large number of females know their lies as there are some that AREN’T prostitutes that use these lies to get what they want.

Politicians on the other hand ARE true liars.  They lie not only to their constituent, but to anyone they feel necessary to in order to maintain their grip on the power they have.  They also lie to garner campaign contributions (some of these contributions can be construed as BRIBES).  Often times, they’ll even lie to the other people in their respective field of endeavor.

Often times, I wonder if they know just how many lies they tell.  Do they count them just to keep track?  Do they get caught lying?  I’m not certain about the first question.  The second question I can honestly say that they get caught.  Just not often enough to help his/her constituents.  I truly think the last honest politician we here in the United States had was Harry S. Truman.  Even he probably hid the truth to a certain extent though not through blatant lying.

What we need in this world today is less lying and opinions.  We have enough lying.  Opinions are like assholes.  Everyone has one and they all stink.  If there were more honesty in this world we as the human race would have a lot less strife than we currently have.  Enough said.

Challenge To All Anonymous Crackers!

December 10, 2012

I thought of something I myself wouldn’t do though I can get all the tools needed to do it.  Is it illegal?  Highly.  Do I have the prerequisite knowledge to do it?  Not exactly.  Though I’m a CompTIA A+ certified computer repairman, I would personally NOT “crack” into any website or system server.  I’m what the term “hacker” is.  I learn one or more operating systems and if possible point out weaknesses to the company or group of individuals (as in the case of Linux distribution) in charge of the production of said operating systems of said weaknesses.  That said, I DO NOT CONDONE CRACKING FOR PROFIT OF ANY KIND!

However, I’m not above challenging someone to do what some would think impossible.  In this case, put mud in the face of big business and governments.  How do I propose this challenge?  Simple.  Pose the challenge to those that find cracking to be fun, sporting, and down right anti-establishment in nature.  Some of these people do this for profit as network security consultants.  Funny thing is many of those consultants are probably nonvocal members of Anonymous.  Though nonvocal, they are the ones that don’t get caught when assisting the rest of the group.

Frankly, I’ve found what Anonymous has done to date to be pure child’s play compared to what they can do.  These people are probably ones who go to the Defcon and Blackhat conferences to learn new exploits/tricks to possess root access to the operating system they attack (Windows, OS X, Android, and others).  Some or all are known to Homeland Security via registration for those conferences.  However, those that don’t attend are those to watch out for.  So here’s my challenge to those of Anonymous that are so endowed with knowledge that goes beyond anything I know or am willing to teach:

If you want to really show your salt (talents), stop with the current stuff you’re doing taking down websites as well as exposing client lists and do the unthinkable.  Crack in and find the appropriate information exposing corporate/government corruption and put it in the public domain for all to see.

I’m certain this would be much more challenging and garner some of you folks the attention you deserve not to mention a possible position in computer security for major corporations not to mention governments around the world.  And yes, I expect to be hauled in by Homeland Security (Homeland Insecurity 😛) for questioning revolving around said challenge.  I’m not scared.  It’s not as bad as something I’d write a book about.  That would be much worse than what I’m challenging.  Besides, I can’t be convicted for just putting an IDEA out there for others to act upon.

I’m already ostracized since I’m now homeless and without employment in my field of choice (Information Technology).  My age alone (52 soon to be 53) is also a strike against me.  No one wants someone my age in that field anymore unless it’s as a senior systems administrator or some position like that (and I’m not qualified for that).  Consider this a big F**k You to the establishment who grew up before and during the same time I was growing up.  You copped out.

Again, I state for the record that this is just an IDEA/CHALLENGE for those who can and are capable of doing this.  I DO NOT CONDONE ANY FORM OF COMPUTER/WIRE FRAUD, NOR DO I ATTEMPT EITHER OF THEM.  Even if I did, I couldn’t do it right now anyway as I have NO computers (laptop or desktop) of my own in which to do it with.  I’m currently writing this from a library computer and will continue to do so till I can afford another laptop.  That will probably be another year or two before that happens as is.  By that time the computer world will surpass my knowledge even further than it currently is today 😦

Why do they do this? Police brutality!

December 6, 2012

Not since Rodney King and the Los Angeles police department did I ever expect police officers to be as they are today.  There is just so much corruption, discrimination, and down right anger in the Fraternal Order of Police.  The problem is how they represent themselves to the public.  The other part is the quality of the officers they enlist for their employment/service.

One of the titles stated on the street for Columbia, South Carolina’s city police department is:

Uniformed Gang Members

In fact, they aren’t all that bad really.  It’s just like society.  They have their good and bad people.  It just seems they have far to many bad people of late.  With what they pay the CPD officers (Columbia Police Department), they seem to be getting the bottom of the barrel officers.  These officers come from a couple of different camps.  There are the type who are over aggressive and then there are those that are downright lazy in their enforcing the law.

Let’s first address the lazy type of officer.  These are unique in that they have been on the force for quite some time now ( I’d like to say 5 years or more experience).  I’m not going to go any deeper than that at the present time as there are some other issues with these particular officers.  Most notably, they are overweight.  Generally, these officers are much easier to deal with than the other attitude.

Most of the “lazy” officers tend to be easier going than the rookies.  They’d much rather do something else other than harass the homeless.  Here in Columbia we know that the police would much rather deal with real crime than cajole the homeless.  They give their show of force by doing what they have to in that they patrol the area they are assigned.  Some are quite nice.  They give the homeless man a warning in the first incident then after that they up the ante so to speak (harsher violations and more).

The largest issue with these officers is that they generally don’t put pressure on the real criminals.  They don’t stop crime where it starts (traffic citations).  They also have a tendency to be corrupted easily but not as easy as others.  A lot of times you’ll find these officers wasting time with others of their ilk.  In this case, they are at the local coffee and doughnut hole (Crispy Creme, Denny’s, IHOP, or even Waffle House.  Sometimes you can find them at mini conventions where you’ll see four or more patrol cars rolled up at the same location without any of them doing any law enforcement.

Now let me tell you a story of a different kind of police officer.  Generally they are rookies or ones with less than five years on the force (though it could be ones who have had this attitude since they were rookies and made rank).  Like children, they are easily swayed as well as much easier to corrupt than the later officers.  I call them “yes” men as they will broadly apply anything their supervisors or even city counsels tell them to do.

Let’s start off with my own experience in Orange Park, Florida while I was homeless down there.  With a friends help, I was able to set up a small CLEAN camp to live in.  At the time I did not know it was private property.  I later learned in a big and costly way.  Had I known now what I know today, a county police officer would have lost his job.

I’d went to work one day for Action Labor in Orange Park for several hours.  Once I returned to camp, I found what was left of my three man tent and all my belongings strewn all over the place and the tent literally cut to pieces.  The worst part of it was a note left by what was presumed to be a police officer of Duvall County Florida.  I was told in no uncertain terms to leave the property and the officer left his business card.  Now this could or could not have been the officer named on the business card.  It could have been an impersonator.  Stranger things have happened.

Needless to say, I moved in less than three days.  I chose so to avoid prosecution and also got permission to use company land of which belonged to the company I had hired on to from out of Action Labor.  It was much better than the sixteen mile one way trip by bicycle to work and then back.

I don’t believe this is the only time it’s happened.  I beat a ticket written out by an officer here in Columbia.  The following Sunday while I ate breakfast at a local church, I left my panniers on the bicycle.  They weren’t even three weeks old and I came to back to my bike (gone less than an hour) to find them knifed and stuff strewn over a twenty foot area.

I can’t prove anything as to who did the deed.  However, I have my suspicions that the officer who’s ticket I beat had something to do with it.  He’s one of those who probably has been on the police force less than five years and is doing just what city council wants just to earn his Sargent strips faster.  He’s a known harasser of homeless and has had more homeless before the local city magistrate (judge) than any other officer.

Now this brings me to yet another incident I found out about just the other day.  A homeless acquaintance of mine got the poles on his tent destroyed and it was witnessed by yet another homeless man.  The person who did the deed here was a member of you guessed it.  Columbia police department.  Now it’s likely they will not be able to do anything about this as the witness will likely not come forward because of reprisals.  Also, the acquaintance, was probably trespassing on private property for a while.  I don’t know the entire details about his camp nor did I want to know.  Safer for him and me.

These police officers are not only brutal in their willingness to make advancement but they will listen to just about anyone or do anything to get what they desire.  There are names a plenty for these types.  I’ll leave that to your discretion.  And police wonder why the homeless WON’T help them or even communicate with them.

This is not only happening here but in several cities around the United States.  There has been to my knowledge at least one death of a homeless man due to just such discrimination and hate.  It’s not about race or anything else but the fact that people are homeless.  It has to end here and now.  We as a people CAN NOT tolerate this.

Now I’d like to share with you something I read in the local Free Times newspaper which you can read at:

or follow them on Facebook at:

This was in a column called “Rant and Rave”:

“I have two rants I need to get off my chest today.  Columbia drivers need to stop running red lights.  You are not only putting yourself in danger but you are putting the safety of pedestrians and your fellow drivers at risk.  I see this every day.  People will blatantly run red lights and turn left on red lights.  Please stop!  I really don’t understand why our police will not give these selfish and careless drivers traffic tickets.  Something should be done.  I have seen two accidents due to  running red lights.  You know how Spain has the Running of the Bulls?  well, Columbia has the Running of the Red Lights.  And finally.  Don’t stop doing your job because a co-worker (according to you) won’t do theirs; worry about yourself.  What kind of logic is that anyway.  Oh, and if Halloween is a fall festival, then Christmas is a holiday.  A pagan one to be exact.”

The previous message exemplifies Columbia police department.  Due to orders from city council, they would much rather harass a homeless man than stop the most petty of crimes.  If they were to stop these petty crimes, then most wouldn’t graduate to felonious crimes to begin with, thus dropping our prison population and putting those tax dollars to use in better places like education.

Let me add that a recent bill which got canned in the U.S. Congress was about police being able to search your email, Facebook, and other electronic data without warrant.  The federal Fraternal Order of Police is still trying to get this passed not to mention attempting to stop you from photographing/filming them while they are on duty (within reason: must be out of the way of harm/a safe distance from any activity an officer is doing in the line of duty).  Feel free to do a search via your favorite search engine with the search of “videotaping police”.  You’ll find loads of info on it and more.


Busy bodies (The real 1%)

March 15, 2012

I was recently reminded just why I refuse to be associated with any “social network.”  Not only that, I was reminded of this on a media I least suspected I’d find it but I’ll address that media another time.”  As the topic states, this is about “busy bodies.”  We all know these people.  They are the ones who for some reason or other try to push, shove, or invoke (whatever word you want to use) their ideas and beliefs on others thinking they have the gift to determine what is right or wrong with others and their respective choices in life.  This includes governments, churches, and even certain of those not involved with either of the aforementioned.

A friend of mine after I told him about my little bout with a certain individual put it this way, “you have 6 months where you try to get your life in order, then you spend 7 months trying to get into others lives and run them.”  Interesting thought occurs.  There are not 13 months in a year.  This also tells me that those “busy bodies” are not getting their own lives in order.  They are much too worried about how they can get others lives in order.  Yes, they spend too much time worrying about others to even think to take a deeper look at themselves.

Another friend of mine put it succinctly, he said use the person’s own words against them.  In this case use the religious zealots own words against them.  “Judge not least you be judged.”  This may not be an exact quote of the bible but I do recall where it’s roots lie.  It represents the time that Jesus came upon the lady to be stoned for adultery.  The would be participants in the stoning walked away after being reminded not to judge others for a sins you yourself may have committed.  Believe me when I say I’ve seen it.  This is exactly what happened to several Catholic clergy members around the world.  It probably still goes on today.  It’s just not out in the limelight as it use to be.

Now you’re going to say I’m an atheist.  Actually I’m not.  I’m agnostic.  A true atheist wouldn’t believe in himself/herself.  Think about that.  I’m not against those that have beliefs in the bible or God.  Just don’t throw it in another person’s face if you don’t live those belief’s.  It reminds me of people like Rush Limbaugh (reputed reformed narcotics addict).  Look what happen to him.  His own mouth become his biggest downfall.  Was he on drugs at the time?  Who really knows.  I don’t care because it’s none of my business.  However there are others out there who made it their own personal agenda (business).

As the government end of this, it reminds me of various laws.  Most of them dealing with what is known as “vice” laws.  For those of you who read this I’ll define what I mean here.  Vice as of’s meaning is:


immoral conduct; depraved or degrading behavior: a life of vice. Synonyms: depravity, sin, iniquity, wickedness, corruption. Antonyms: virtue, morality.
I choose this meaning because it’s just how government uses the term.  Vice laws in this country deal with two specific things for the most part.  They are drugs and prostitution.  This is another form of government putting their nose into other people’s business via being paid off by various pharmaceutical companies to keep various drugs from becoming “over the counter.” (i.e. legal).  If it were their choice they’d have all drugs as controlled substances.  More on this later.  Prostitution is the church via the government sticking their head into your bedroom.
Most of these things I speak of happen every day in the U.S.A. and other countries.  More so in other countries who have a lower educational standards than my own.  Again, more on education later.  These people who hold power.  One scene in a not so recent movie reminds me of the powers of government and religion.  “Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility. ”  These “busy bodies”, don’t even want the responsibility of their own lives let alone those they tell what to do.  Another quote that is dear to my heart that holds true here “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
These “busy bodies” who don’t even want  responsibility for their own lives want power like all other power mongers.  They think if they can run your lives their lives will be better somehow.  Well if they get in power and in many cases this even includes you and I.  The last sentence of the last paragraph holds true.  The more power you have to wield the more corrupt you will become for power sake.  I’ll make a separate post on greed, power, and corruption.  The “busy body” that initiated this posting if she reads it will know who she is.
My last words to those seeking power via the church, the government or any other organization are simple.  Before you speak in private or in public, “GET YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER” before you start condemning others.  This means if you preach the bible practice what you preach.  If you have an opinion and everybody does “Everyone has an opinion and opinions are like assholes, every one has one and they all stink.”  The last quote was said to me by my Navy boot camp company commander.
Personally, I try not to tell others what to do.  I tell them, here is what I “recommend” whether or not you choose to follow my recommendation is your own decision.  I don’t label people.  There are good and bad everywhere.  Though my zodiac says I’d be a great leader, at what costs.  It’s against my upbringing to tell others how to live their lives.  All I can do is tell others what I’ve experienced or “recommend” a decision.  I feel I was put on this Earth to listen to others.  Offer a shoulder to cry on if necessary.  I’m not here to judge others for what they have done past or present.  Yet here I sit judgement for what another person has done to me.  I’d like to say I have the moral high ground here but here’s a good question for you all.  WHO DECIDES ON WHAT IS MORAL OR NOT?  You, me, another.  See my point?

Plague or Cottage Industry Part 3: Tying it all together! Politics and money!

February 15, 2012

Finally the most difficult thing to explain in this series of articles.  There is a lot of politics behind this entire issue.  Not just in this city but in others all across the nation as well.  They range from how do we house and feed these people to just plain throw them out-of-town.  It’s truly amazing what lengths local politicians will go to stay in power indefinitely.  Without further ado, here we go again.

First let me answer the title of this and the other two parts.  Is this a plague or a cottage industry?  In the view of the local politicians of Columbia, the homeless are a plague on a town they are trying with little success to rejuvenate downtown.  What do they blame the homeless of?  Are the accusations true?  Interestingly enough, the city council blames everything on the homeless.  Well, let me be more accurate.  City council blames the homeless for every bad thing that happens in downtown even if we aren’t doing the so-called crime.  We get blamed for broken beer bottles (there are 2 bars located on main street), breaking and entering (one store got broken into three times in one week), as well as public drunkenness, public urination, and last but not least public defecation.  Yes defecation.

I can only say one thing to city counsel.  The homeless don’t do everything you lump on us.  In most cases, like in other cases, only about 1% of the homeless are those that steal or otherwise make a nuisance of themselves. Most homeless want nothing more than a good paying job (one that pays enough to get off the street) and to be left alone much like the rest of society.  If anything, the homeless are the biggest victims of today’s society.

The homeless in Columbia, South Carolina have fallen victim not just to the politicians, but to themselves as well.  Like the society in a hen house, man has his own pecking order.  It’s not so much the strongest survive but the most creative liars, cheaters, or thieves that survive.  In the light of the homeless, it’s those that jump food serving lines, take more than they could possibly use in clothing lines, or in general make a nuisance of themselves in other manners including panhandling.  These are the lowest forms of homelessness.  These are much like our whining, thieving, cheating politicians and corporate CEO’s of today.

These people get ahead of things or they think they are doing so.  What they don’t seem to realize is they are alienating themselves from society.  Look at what’s going on in politics on the national level.  Same case here.  Politicians cut services to everyone but themselves.  CEO’s cut jobs for bigger bonuses.  It’s a vicious circle that has to end.

Currently, or in the past, several city counsel members of Columbia, South Carolina have been or are currently under federal investigation.  In the case of the current city counsel, there are three under direct investigation for misuse of Housing and Urban Development funds.  What little I know of this is from local news and it’s pretty well been quashed.  However, the investigation is continuing from all I currently know.  Frankly, I think they should investigate the entire city counsel and the mayor for corruption.  Yes, I said corruption.

Case in point, Oliver Gospel Mission is still allowed to operate in a building that should have been condemned 60 years ago.  In my prior posting I talked about the fire hazard in that building.  Now I’m going to speculate on how they get to keep this open.  Actually, I don’t believe it to be a speculation.

Here’s how Oliver Gospel Mission stays open.  Both the fire marshal and and state Department of Health Education and Welfare (DHEC) call up the mission prior to any inspections and they are alerted to an inspection.  This I know happens in many other cities as well as on a federal level.  Think OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Authority).  They do the same thing.  Usually this results in far fewer fines if any. In this case, no fines are leveled against Oliver Gospel Mission.  There is also an occupancy limit in the mission for during meals, during chapel, and berthing.  They may not exceed the berthing limit, though it is over crowded, but every time I’ve attended chapel or ate a meal there, they violated the occupancy limit by at least 20 people if not more.  Had a fire broke out in there during those particular times, there would have been deaths from exiting the building not just from the fire itself.  Of course I’ve witnessed this issue as well as a cook in Oliver Gospel Mission who continues to refuse to put his hair up in a net.  His “dreadlocks” are midway down his back and he has an issue with wearing them in a net during mealtimes while serving food.  He wears them down including several of the “locks” in front of his apron.  This is in blatant violation of health standards and he’s been spoken to several times before about this.  He’s yet to be fired and goes back to the same thing after a few days of wearing his hair up to keep the management off his behind.  I’ve spoken to the head cook twice.  Last time he told me that one of the managers “would not” hire someone else to replace this cook when they could fire him on cause alone.

As to Transitions, it’s brand new last year.  There shouldn’t be any issues either DHEC or the fire marshal need to do anything about.  Management keeps a tight lid on problems there and there is NO overcrowding whatsoever.  People there are not required to attend chapel or anything like Oliver Gospel Mission.  Last I knew, even those that were homeless and not living there could come in and do laundry as well as take a shower.  I look at those offerings and think.  Gee, this seems like a nice place.  Wrong.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

This year, the state of South Carolina chopped funding for state run mental institutes and booted a bunch out of those facilities stating that the community could take better care of those individuals.  Transitions picks up the slack where the state refuses to fund their own facilities.  They have 70 beds specifically for those mental patients who don’t have family or any way of getting help.  Do they get help if they come in there.  I can’t tell as I’ve not investigated that end of things.  However, I’ve heard some pretty horrible stories about the mental patients they house there.  Instead of the transients causing problems, it’s the mental patients there causing issues that have brought the police down there more than not.  And they have caused other issues where people who are normally good people get banned from those facilities.

Now we come to the cities own winter shelter.  This is run by the city from November 1st till the following April 1st or until temperatures get above 40 after the 1st of April.  The one time I tried it before their move, it was a pigsty.  Once they moved it, there were just as many fights and issues as before.  To be fair though, I’m told they are improving.  Still, I have no trust in this place being even remotely fit to live in after the first time I tried the city run place.  They also have started using high school gymnasiums when the main shelter is overfull.  It’s a step in the right direction even if they do overcrowd the place to begin with.  Do they get inspected by the state and local officials?  That I’m unsure of.  However, the one thing I can be assured of is, it’s run for the city’s profit and not to help the homeless.

It goes on and on and on.  Further implications of the cities politicians being discriminatory because their bribing constituents want us gone as well as the politicians themselves is the way the push through laws though not discriminatory in the way they are written but in the way they are enforced.  Two such ordinances come to mind.  One is the sleeping in city parks.  Less than 2 years ago they had the police go through Finley Park and cite all the homeless there sleeping on park property.  When you enter the park, if you read the rules there, they do not say a word of such an ordinance.  Not only that but the police did NOT cite people who were not homeless when they too were sleeping.  Again, this is just one shining example of perverse laws.  Next is the so called “Urban Camping” ordinance.  This was quoted in the last issue but I’ll go on about it here.  It as well as the prior ordinance is being used to target the homeless and get them out of downtown where ALL the services they need are.  I can’t wait till this summer when they have the police walk through Finley Park again and issue citations.  I’ll bet there will be more tickets for homeless sleeping or as classified before “Urban Camping” than those that are in the park sunning themselves on a blanket.

Oh, let me say a word on Columbia’s finest (i.e. police department).  Word that the homeless and even some of the tax payers have on CPD is that they are “uniformed gang members.”  I can’t say that as most of their officers have been friendly with me and not given me any reason to complain about their performance.  However, they have become the aforementioned “uniform gang members” with a number of homeless and I’ve come to find myself harassed by one said officer.  He seems to think I’m a special project of his.  I won’t say what happened that caused this as I want him to continue his harassment.  Can we say lawsuit?  Yes, that’s my next step for this officer.  There are one or two other officers on the force of CPD that are just like this guy.  They are nothing more than bullies or people who don’t want to face their real job which is to protect and serve those that pay there checks.  It’s a known fact that the CPD captain is following city councils orders instead of the letter of the law when the homeless are constantly rousted.  When they do have a real crime in town (one of the breaking and enterings) it takes an officer an average of 8 minutes to get to the location even when there is one around the corner.  Yes, I’ve witnessed just that.  And lets not go to enforcing speeding and traffic light ordinances.  These alone could put the city government in the black monetarily if enforced to the letter.  If the CPD isn’t harassing the homeless their in the local coffee shops.  Two mornings ago, my friend who is also homeless witnessed no less than 10 police cars outside IHop in downtown.  No it wasn’t being robbed.  They were there doing not a darn thing in the last 2 hours of their shift.  Do you call that to serve and protect?  I don’t.  If I did that on any job I had I’d have been fired straight away.

Now, let me not forget the mayor of this town.  He was elected and not more than an hour after he was elected he struck another lady’s car and darn near killed the lady.  I’m certain there is still a pending civil suit.  If not can we say “payoff.”   The newspapers here were full of speculations.  Most were probably true.  The mayor probably did have his lights off.  He most certainly was under the influence of alcohol.  But, when you have money you can buy the law.  Well, in this case it cost the last CPD captain his job.  Did the mayor look out for this guy and help him get another job.  Fat chance.  This situation was corrupt from the get go.  It took them two hours to get an someone of authority to decide how the investigation was  to go.  And then it should have been handled by the state police or county police instead of the local CPD.  He’s still mayor today and has a wife as a local judge even though it represents a conflict of interest in a number of situations.   More than likely he will not be re-elected.

And they (city council, mayor, and an scant few others) call us a plague.  Yeah right.  While they are calling us a plague there are others who use us to their advantage.  This was discussed in the feeding part of this series.  Many local churches owe the homeless a great deal.  Had it not been for feeding us bare minimums and charging outrageous administrative fees, they wouldn’t have had special renovation projects unless the church members themselves paid for that.  Would they?  I doubt seriously they would.

Another thing, there are no less than four and maybe as many as six “day” labor places within 5 miles of downtown.  Most are legitimate businesses.  But, they too,  rob from the people who use them to make a living when they can’t get work otherwise.  If you don’t have transportation they charge you for it.  Lunch you ask?  They charge you for that when it’s not much more than a bologna sandwich and maybe a bag of chips.  Yes, these people feed off our problems as well.

Now who is really the plague here.  Certainly not the homeless.  However, you yourself should be able to see that these people who put us down the most are in fact using us as a cottage industry to fill their pockets with hard working American’s dollars meant to help those in need.  Need I say more?