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Part Time Work for Full Time Pay! Sounds Like Our Politicians!

June 26, 2013

When the United States started, NONE of our elected officials received any form of pay or pension.  They served in their positions as a service to their country and it’s people.  My, my, my, how times have changed.  Now some states politicians think and are getting full time pay for part time work.  Not just South Carolina either.  It seems just about every state has a session limit.

Now most every state legislature whether they be a senator or just a legislature has already got another life profession besides serving his or her state.  This is as it was back when this country was formed.  Most have their own businesses.  They already receive a full time check from those personal endeavors.  Then why is it they feel that they need full time pay for a part time job?

Looking at a list of session schedules throughout fifty states, some are longer than others.  However, NONE are full time employment.  Sure some of those legislatures staffs work year round and deserve a full time check.  However, greed and corruption have taken over with today’s politicians.  They seem to think their time is worth more than the full time salary they already draw from their personal endeavors.

If you were to follow just the federal Congress or House of Representatives on television, you’d find most politicians aren’t actively sitting on the floor of those establishments like they use to.  NOW they have committee’s to make the major decisions that were once argued out on the floor of those two houses.  Even then, not all the politicians show up for these committees.  I’m ASSUMING that this happens even at the state level houses.  If this is the case, then they should only get paid for their time actually sitting in on these committee meetings or full house roll calls.  But NO, they not only want but demand full time paychecks.

Ever notice how your elected officials seem to have a pay raise every year or two?  Yes, they get to set their own pay scale.  This happens at the federal and state level.  Other governmental employees don’t get this advantage.  This doesn’t even mention other perks as they are called.  Are their pay raises stopped due to sequestration.  Doubtful.  The voting public has no control over their politicians wages as do stock holders over their CEO’s.

Frankly, I think our politicians should only be paid for what time they are actually active in law making.  They should not be paid to campaign at all! They should punch a time clock just like everyone else does.  Salaried positions should be done away with unless it’s a corporation and they do it for budgetary reasons.

The worst part of all this is that they give themselves a retirement plan that gives them FULL salaries after serving one term here in South Carolina.  I’m uncertain if that happens in other states or on the federal level.  You and I have to invest our funds into a 401K plan which doesn’t always pay off not to mention Social Security which the Fed seems to rob every year. We’re not guaranteed a retirement yet our illustrious politicians who are already independently well off or wealthy get a full pension when they don’t DESERVE one at all.

The only way I can see change is to vote the career politicians out of office and set term limits on those that come into office.  However, the career politicians WON’T go for that whatsoever.  Even an amendment to our constitution WILL NOT work to set up term limits as it requires not only two thirds of voting citizens approval but also the approval of Congress.  And we already know where the Congressional decision will be.


Police state!

April 11, 2012

It’s George Orwell’s 1984 in South Carolina.  This reference is to the vast many of police forces withing South Carolina.  Being in Columbia, the states capitol, I’m reminded of it every day.  Only this morning did I witness yet another state government police force.  Is this what our country is becoming?  Wasn’t this part of what we fought to be rid of from the British?

It’s funny.  Every city in any state has it’s own police force.  Each state has it’s own “state” police force.  Yet South Carolina is the only state where I’ve lived where they think they have to have more than just the state police, county police or city police.  This doesn’t even count college police forces.  Below are some examples:

Department of Protective Services

Security and Employment Commission Police

South Carolina Education and Welfare Police

South Carolina Department of Transportation Police

South Carolina Housing Authority Police

Department of Protective Services

The list goes on and on and on.  Yes, I can see specialization.  But there is no need for all these petty fiefdoms.  Many of these so call police force jobs could and should be handled by the city, county, state police forces.  For instance, When does the Security and Employment commission need a police force for?  No other state have I seen this ever.

It’s truly interesting to see all this madness work.  It’s bad enough that this state is ranked 5th in the list of “most corrupt” governments.  This kind of madness breeds corruption from the lowest levels to the highest.  Sad thing is that with all these police forces, the crime rate remains the same.

I was born and raise in the state of Michigan.  Yes, I’m a “damned Yankee.”  The state of Michigan doesn’t have all this graft going on.  If a state agency needs police backup they contact the local city, county, or if necessary state police force.   With all the police the state of South Carolina has there is a greater likelihood of corruption.  And no my birth state isn’t any better than here.  They failed the last check at governmental transparency as well.  However, they do convict more people per capita than this state for corruption.

It all boils down to one statement:

“Who’s watching the watcher?”